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Cause of air pollution! PM2.5 The. Is amazing Japanese air cleaner.


※Translated Japanese to English.

In Japan is coming [PM2.5] flows in the westerlies from China has become a problem. In fact, PM2.5 of serious I'd like India.



1 PM2.5 identity of

Is fine particulate matter out of the air pollutants. 2.5μm I is called the (micrometer) or less of those PM2.5.


※ 1 micro parts per million


Since the particle is small, an ordinary mask and air cleaner and I'm inadequate as a countermeasure.


It will affect the respiratory enter the lungs to breathe on its small because.


Only part of the mask and the air cleaner is seems valid.


2, cause to be made a PM2.5


Such as bad briquettes and charcoal quality is mainstream of fuel in China Cause smoke exhaust and factory of car Also the quality is poor, such as gasoline to try to Sumaseyo anyway cheaper I air pollutants come out in large quantities.


PM2.5 does not occur because it uses a good gasoline or charcoal with more quality in Japan


Japan is like teaching techniques that make a good fuel quality but Good fuel quality I did not popular because expensive.


3, health damage caused by PM2.5

PM2.5 asthma and arrhythmia by enters the lungs, it seems the incidence of myocardial infarction is increased. Short-term and worsen the symptoms of asthma, increase the risk of lung cancer if Suikome persistently Once in the body is attached such as pollen, allergy symptoms become more powerful


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4, PM2.5 measures

Wear a mask when you go outside And not necessarily be any mask Mask that can be recommended for PM2.5 is something you have passed the standard of DS2 (Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) or N95 (US · NIOSH).


Marked with an air purifier HEPA filter Air cleaner is recommended And HEPA filters, high performance of the filter to be used to remove fine dust contained in the air Particle size has a 99.97% or more of the particle collection rate for particles of 0.3μm at the rated air volume, and air filter initial pressure loss has the following performance 245Pa



Japan I just hate that not a Taningoto because China and close


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