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Easy! Bidet attachment of toilet-it-yourself

It but it is not go back to quite original toilet and bidet the result using any one time. Since Washlet buy in itself 13,000 yen to 20,000 yen before and after it is there, even if you do not replace the unlucky is Washlet in if you move was ahead. You will do hard to me to replace to say with? You might think so.


But basic, you can replacement easier if there is a tool and accessories tools at home.

Tools Required

Phillips screwdriver

Monkey wrench



Dust cloth

Be confirmed before you buy a bidet

Whether or not there is an electrical outlet in the bathroom? Wiring work to put the outlet is ahead if there is no outlet. Extension cord at the water around truly is I'm not. Door to no longer from closing, Must be confirmed of low tank. It can easily be renumbered if the rear tank type and corner with tank type.


Be confirmed before installing the bidet

Surely tighten things main cock. The main cock And water meter and type that is integral Mansion type -Embedded There are types.


Water shutoff valve also I tighten securely. It is very water leakage occurs if you do not do so. It is a cumbersome Toka trouble of water.


Washlet of installation instructions

① main cock, I tighten the water stop valve. Main cock tighten the valve. Water shutoff valve is I tighten the supplied tool.


Upon request at the shop and manufacturers that I bought because water shutoff valve's cold destinations such like become a special form.

②Removing a toilet seat

And because it is fixed with plastic bolts from the back side of the toilet to remove the supplied tools.


The toilet seat if you remove the nut to deviate to be lifted immediately above. Bolt is trying to use such as 556 if I rust.

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③ I changing the water stop valve to branch bracket.

· Check if water has entered the low tank.

• If there is a hand washing is lucky hose also I remove.

· Make sure that the water shutoff valve is tightened to flow water in the lever handle on the toilet To make sure that a new water does not come flowing.

· Place the bucket under the water shutoff valve, remove the water supply pipe while not wet around in rags. ·

I attach a branch fittings. Across the packing and Tsukeru bent put straight to cause water leakage

· I put the water supply pipe.

I if anything is to check the orientation. In first to tighten the low tank side of the nut The mounting is then tighten the branch bracket side of the nut. To easy to do it and tighten the nut to grab the ball tap in the low tank ball tap is straight attached. I confirm ball tap can be moved there in the low tank.



④I attach the base plate

First I measure the size of the toilet in the major

• The 47cm if large size

· 44cm if it is common size.


Since the paper is lucky to the base plate where I position adjustment.

I put the mounting holes vacant rubber push the toilet. While keeping so that the position is not displaced. Turn the screw that stuck rubber push a Phillips screwdriver to tighten until no rotate the screw. I remove the paper.

⑤ The mounting of the toilet seat and the mounting water supply hose

Be mounted so as to slide together the seat and the base plate. Or toilet seat is attached straight? Lightly pull, make sure the seat is not shifted. I attach a hose extending from the toilet seat to branch bracket. I tighten firmly the cap nut.


⑥ I insert the plug into the outlet.

Ground firmly put. Button to enter the plug confirmation be normal.

⑦ Check the nut.

Loose sure there is no nut.

⑧ stop cock, commissioning by opening the main valve.

Open the stopcock and from opening the main valve. If there is no water leakage from the water supply pipe ok. Check whether such ass switch while holding down the toilet seat by hand moves normally. Note that there is no weight on the toilet seat ass switch does not work! This is the installation is complete if move successfully.

⑨ remote mounting

I put the remote control on the wall, Let's use the double-sided tape if the screws can not be used.

It will be put in about 1 hours and actually do it but long When you character.


See you(^ω^)ノシ



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