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I want to say is complaining because it is so UNESCO has registered the Nanjing Massacre in World storage heritage. The [tweet demonstration] on Twitter in Japan  


Honest talk, Nanjing massacre did not think at all Nante is registered in the storage heritage

There is not too guy I clear evidence and say why or.

China is because not come out evidence that the Japanese in Nanjing were massacred 300,000 residents at the time

That it is seen that if say that it has massacred the Jews over a long period of time as Nazi Germany Nanjing massacre was carried out between from its occupation of about 6 weeks

Say they were massacred human 30 million people in six weeks it's another madness.

And to just have a bullet more than 300,000 rounds also extend to things gun, become useless Even saber.

Until then such a thing, whether that be massacre was Japan, with benefits to act at the time?

That's the question.



China's claim is full of contradictions

China is referred to as the Japanese troops were massacred 300,000 people in Nanjing at the time of the Nanjing Massacre


At that time and that's a result of Japan's survey, Nanjing has a population of about 20 million people.


When even come soldiers from outside Nanjing not been exterminated is funny numbers.


Moreover, Japan's population of Nanjing City in one month after that occupied Nanjing seems to have increased up to 25 million people.




The majority in Japan article civilians of Nanjing has been evacuated to a place called Safety Zone is that it was safe.


Such as China soldiers were seized and killed the clothes from the general public to take off the uniform also other is there is a report that had crept into the Safety Zone.


Reporter who has come to Nanjing after fall

After Nanjing has fallen, such as Japanese reporters and Reuters and AP, Western reporters, 100 people together photographer has visited Nanjing. However, it does not have to be reported that there was a massacre in Nanjing. If, there is no reason not to press article of Western if there is Nanjing Massacre. If the Japanese army is impossible honest I think it's ridiculous information manipulation After to have been a hush.


Nanjing fall after the incident had occurred in the Safety Zone.

At that time in Nanjing, there was a "Safety Zone" of 19 places.The Safety Zone- International Committee for the Nanking Safety Zone (Nanjing Anzen Ward international good'm Kai, The International Committee for Nanking Safety Zone) is also called Nanjing refugees District International Committee,Upon day during the war early Battle of Nanking, refugees and that has flowed into the Nanjing lost a house in the war, such as in order to rescue the poor citizens who can not escape from Nanjing,Nanjing castle part to set the Safety Zone (refugees District) organization. It was organized depending on the about 15 people whose center is the American missionaries. Tadao Takemoto, both Professor Yasuo Ohara are talking this way. "Responsible for the refugee camps of 19 locations provided in the Safety Zone, in addition to mini-Vu~otorin woman history is served, all were Chinese. Maintaining security is the Chinese who was in charge, the person responsible the there was what some cases Chinese military officer that was disguised as citizens are responsible. Many of rape, it is happening in the refugee camp, which was established a Safety Zone Committee, in February 1938 the refugee camp has been dissolved After that, such incidents do not occur. concocted crimes of the Japanese army soldiers, to say that was the strategy of Chinese confuse the Japanese troops would not be an exaggeration. " Professor Minnie Vautrin Ms. wrote to have been raped by 100 people of girl Japanese soldiers in the diary of December 16, 1937, The sign on the diary of John Rabe and also of a thousand women were raped 17th, has been written so on the 19th for James McCallum doctor also rape. This is the case wrote as it is that the Chinese had said so. To the plane of the New York Times from these diaries are written about two weeks after the January 4, 1938, this article that has been published. Had been sheltered in the original American professors Chinese soldiers executives et al., Is a criminal who was repeatedly raped in Nanjing, and is guilty of rape, "the culprit's Japanese soldier!" Had been Rashi Fu says. American professors who know it's so "was embarrassed from wholeheartedly". Of February Osaka Asahi Shimbun has been put is saying article. "The Japanese army was arrested 11 people of Chinese soldiers that caused the numerous crimes in Nanjing city. Armband of interpreters they Chinese who ... fake pretending to be clever a ... Japanese in Japanese After they. "who was wearing has been arrested, the rape and looting, etc. I no longer hardly observed. rape by Japanese soldiers that the Chinese claim is one in which their Chinese has committed.The criminal acts that Japan did in like this it is quite examining the Chinese of crime to not come out so much to the table.


Ken Mixed child is not born to Japanese and raped Chinese


The Chinese government says rape incident that occurred in Nanjing City that it is 20000-80000 reviewsWhen This is it so that the Japanese soldiers had occurred 500 - 2,000 a day rape at that time of Nanjing.However, it's of course is born half-breed of Japanese and Chinese, if it.According to the rape of Berlin of data that occurred at the time of the Soviet soldiers was the fall of the BerlinRape of Berlin (View note when the search)The average population of about 1.4955 million people in Berlin of women at that time100,000 which corresponds to the 6.7% is met with rape victims, of which around 10% has been set at suffering from venereal diseasePregnancy rate Maybe it was approximately 20%It will too funny Soviet soldiersIt becomes funny calculation and Japan and China half-breed If you based on this data has not been born 4,000It 's the rough-hewn calculationThere is no material And that was the abortion surgery hated to give birth to children of JapaneseClearly unnatural, it's the person who is claiming to be because killed after rape,China is in the here burial record the number of the dead bodies was submitted. According to this article, 2800 people found in the castle Nanjing,Outside the castle it was 40,000. It is written women and children of the dead bodies was almost nil, and there.


Tsuitodemo of Twitter


There is a limit and moderation even absurd fiction Temporary dues contribution freeze, such as sweet! Japan should be withdraw from UNESCO!
Predecessors who kindly kept the Japanese! Honor of ancestors we must we protect! At least also of the your gratitude!
[Nanjing Massacre storage heritage] China Ministry of Foreign Affairs "Japan quit interference to UNESCO" ← 1945 年 end of the war, the founding October 1, 1949 the People's Republic of China, social grab still of the victorious powers to not be fighting the United Nations the all-you-can-I want to do in ♪
China was filed as "Nanjing Massacre document" article, inappropriate documents to prove that there was a fake and a photograph has been confirmed "massacre", it has been used while there is no permission of the owner that photo, and the like are included many are revealed by the verification of history scholars of Japanese and (Fuji Evening)
Emergency Tsuidemo today until 24:00 # Nanjing Massacre's a lie The Prime Minister's Office, it will send an opinion!
Do not forgive the traitor!
Siberian internment article from the registration Mr. lily document storage world heritage Toji This 2 Japan has filed course it is firmly there is evidence registration. ... At the same time, Nante Chinese fabricated materials are registered!
I was a flower garden until about two years ago. Nanjing for the massacre, it was thought that it is vaguely fact. Occasionally, but was also able to hear the opinion that it was a fake, it did not reach to the head by being drowned out in the left-wing tone. So, now, in the hope that noticed other people ...
[Image] China and wounded soldiers that were ripped limbs, Japanese soldiers to nursing them (Nanjing in the POW camp 1938 early spring every day graph: wartime career of Japan)
[Image] in the Nanjing prison camp, China POWs who do enjoy playing homemade instruments (Daily edition China Incident Pictorial 1939.5.20 published)
Thing of inception photos fabrications of Asahi Shimbun Honda Shoichi original reporter Since the beginning of Japan forged not in China I When the current generation of Japanese is not resolved responsibly Fabrications Do not afflict the future of the Japanese in!
Now contributions frozen! Abe Cabinet To be expressed more anger
Asahi Newspaper Whatever apologize to the Japanese people!
[I had to like Nanjing massacre by Japanese troops] The Japanese side did on notice were plated the villa to the castle Nanjing from a previously empty do shelling in what time many minutes after one week, was waiting outside the castle. This is to give a period of sufficient refuge to citizens of Nanjing.
Your support, I will wishes well. m (__) m ↓ United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Bokoba Secretary General: World Heritage registration of "Nanjing Massacre document", it will ask for cancellation.
The landscape's Nan after 7 days of Nanjing occupation if the massacre is a fact? ! Nanjing citizens get the candy to the Japanese soldiers! It's not fabricated in Japan because it is the UK Paper Photography! Contributions to UNESCO to be frozen immediately!
The first place which was also started from forgery snide of # Shoichi Honda Asahi Newspaper!
Do not allow the lies of the victorious powers # Nanjing Massacre's a lie # UNESCO Incidentally Nanjing Massacre Museum Socialist Party of # Social Democratic Party predecessor was made by issuing a gold
It is by no means a bad source. This is the voice of the people of the direct appeal. Net is spread, because I environment is in place, you should sue, let's tell as voice. Lot gather it, it can be moved.
Nanjing "description of the Chinese Communist Party textbook in Nanjing incident of" genocide is being had a "really 43 years from 1937" is also no!

(# ° Д °) or rodents !! Seriously? I examination without a historian ... sky Akan should Yawa.

I did found the bodies, the remains of 300,000 people in Nanjing suburbs, etc.?   Support the "UNESCO by the Japanese Communist Party of China" Nanjing registration "! Communist Party members Get out of Japan! "

I find it a (☞ ^ o ^) ☞ anyway, that you could do without difficulty, it ♥ Let 's try to run   Communist China is, like the 3 ♥

[The sanctions against China] · ODA it is immediately abolished, Chinese students incentives abolition, Ambassador something to travel restrictions, other Japanese Ambassador Summoned or Chinese? ※ Japan since'm a technology superpower about the environment and want eco and next-generation energy as leaving a hand from the throat is China that should come out in more bullish.   To protect the honor of the Imperial Japanese Army! Each member Whatever more Funrei effort!

[Video] "Nanjing Massacre" was a fake. Nanjing citizens, was greeted with cheers the Japanese army entered the castle. Liberation of Nanking by Japanese Imperial Army




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