And the world to Japan Rice cooker

Latest rice cooker [(cook 1 bushel) Tiger microcomputer rice cooker beige TIGER JBH-G180 C]

I have translated the Japanese translation software


Easy cooking in

◆ microcomputer type

◆ evenly and deliciously over the entire surface heating from the lid, side, and bottom

◆ plump to the core in black far-red thickness kettle

◆ keep warm function 12 hours Inner holder

◆: Black far red Atsukama thickness 1.7mm /

■ Specifications Color

■: beige capacity: 1.8L (1 bushel cook) in the kettle: black far-red Atsukama (thickness 1.7mm) body size (approx.): Width 28.0 × depth 38.5 × height 25.1cm Weight: about 3.9 kg power consumption: 895W /


★ Product images we use the type cook 5.5 Go.


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