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Latest rice cooker of Japan [GRAND X]

I have to translate Japanese to English


Description of goods

● "premium this pot" + "Dido Kamado" of double heat structure

● 1.25 atm one grain Hitotsubu glutinous rice cake of elasticity that produces the pressure of "variable W Pressure"

● Mayowanai operation to achieve "motion sensor and touch panel"

◆ color: Premium White

◆ capacity: 0.18 ~ 1.0L (5.5 Go cook)

◆ inner holder: surface 6 coats this pot kettle (a maximum thickness of 5.0mm) ◆ body size (approx.): width 26.5 × depth 30.9 × height 23.3cm

◆ weight: about 7.4kg

◆ power consumption: about 1300W

◆ energy saving standard achievement rate (target year 2008): 110%

◆ annual power consumption: 75.9kWh / year

◆ Estimated annual electricity prices: ¥ 2,050 /



① soft until in rice

First is the size, but there are height so the top is open and Gabatsu.

There the minute kettle is in front since the display and control system is also at the top Rice I am also easy to Yosoi.

When you but usability is first doing Well and What a so unaccustomed Display disappears, it had been allowed to re-display by applying the hand to the top And once you know it is really comfortable.

There is feeling that you have power saving without wasteful display.


Usage will me to recite after guide and operation by voice. Three stages of the degree of fire regulation (usually, it burnt light you, Fag Hag) and US tuning (Shakkiri, usually, Motchiri) if even understand Use of usually I can be done comfortably.


During operation, you have such sound fan is turning. Kettle is a somewhat easy to hold because there are returns in but is is just a little heavy thickness in a clay pot.

Kettle cleaning also normally fall with a sponge. Also comes with a pot lid for Ohitsu.

Cook is up, but the softness to the grain feeling of rice is not firmly You finish. I feel there are many your sushi rice like a space of the terms of the image.

Although I tried to lunch in Shakkiri mode it was very delicious and not hard. Although until now was using the 1-20000 about IH of last year model Cooking up steaming is also hard need a texture some time (contents) Kabe-cho of Was impressive.

The taste basis I felt you do not feel the difference with respect but texture is It is different obviously. Although I ate rice only for this report It was around this time that you think I was so much delicious with rice only.




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