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Latest rice cooker of Japan [JJ-M30B]

English translated from Japanese

◆ fast cooking easy and convenient one-button "one-touch fast cooking button loading". Late you can eat immediately "piping hot" freshly cooked rice is also back.

◆ curry, donburi, frozen opposite was "curry / frozen for course"

◆ carefully water, at once heated, more delicious "carefully Course"

◆ brown rice, germinated brown rice, Buzukimai also Takeru enhancement is "healthy menu".

◆ Equipped with two types of thermal insulation course of normal warm-piping hot warm.

◆ is adopted and "washable inner pig". The reserved cooking convenient

◆ "clock type timer (10 minute increments)" ※ "soaked rice timer" is 10 minute increments, up to 60 minutes. Inner holder

◆: 2mm thickness fluorine painted black kettle /

■ Specifications Color

■: White Capacity: 0.09 ~ 0.54L (0.5 ~ 3 Go cook) in the kettle: 2mm thickness fluorine painted black kettle body size (approx.): Width 22.7 × depth 25.5 × height 18.3cm weight: about 2.5kg power consumption: 380W menu white rice, rinse-free rice, brown rice, Buzukimai, for curry for frozen, porridge, carefully, one-touch high-speed cooking energy saving standard achievement rate (target year 2008) : 101% annual power consumption: 39.74kWh / year Annual Estimated electricity prices: ¥ 1,080 /


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