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Latest rice cooker of Japan [JKX-V]

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Description of goods

◆ thick the "this pot surface 6-layer coat finish" large amount of heat to increase the heat storage and high heat force boiling such as "the pot" is caught firmly, was spread throughout the kettle, it raises the continuous boiling, etc. by thermal storage power.

◆ two large and small pressure ball own variable mechanism by "variable W pressure". Pull up the stickiness and glutinous and elasticity over a pressure of 1.25 atm. Cook the pressure was reduced to 1.05 atm at a stretch in the second half raised, by high-temperature cooking fried, tighten cook the rice grain, and finish to the firm rice grains was holding the stickiness.

◆ 3 stage degree of fire regulation.

◆ Raise cook in the "far-pot plate"

◆ saving power to perform the heat storage high temperature steaming, saving steam also realize "eco-cook menu"

◆ care Ease "inner pot cleaning function" of the inner pot

◆ it is easy to peel off even with a Oneba "Cleaning grain frame "

◆ warm selection: 3 hours, 6 hours, continuous (24 hours), kept warm without

◆ easy-to-understand" voice guide "loading.

◆ with "Cookbook". Inner holder

◆: this pot kettle thickness up to 5.2mm surface 6-layer coat finish /

■ Specifications Color

■: Black Capacity: 0.18 ~ 1.0L (5.5 Go cook) in the kettle: surface 6 coats this pot kettle (with a thickness of up to 5.2mm) body size (approx.): width 26.5 × depth 30.9 × height 25.1cm weight: about 6.8kg power consumption: 1180W cooking menu: Eco and cook ※ · very horse white rice (degree of fire 3 stage ※) · early to cook ※ · cooked (degree of fire 3 stage ※) · porridge ※ · brown rice · GABA increased, brown rice is loose, millet rice (degree of fire 3 stage ※) · rice with red beans ※ you can rice in rinse-free rice. Operating unit: White backlight LCD Accessories: Cookbook energy saving standard achievement rate (target year 2008): 111% annual power consumption: 75.7kWh / year Annual Estimated electricity prices: ¥ 2,040 /


Review Standing how rice is different! Anyway I can cook a variety of ways, but it aside, It is not in odd how much the taste of normal and Thailand rice.

I do stand me rice! Realize is that. And, rice every grain is independent, it has been firmly.

Delicious but is able to choose the rice has been thought only that it is important, it is the rice cooker before that! If you choose a good rice cooker, rice even also insanely delicious that the second day was also frozen!

You Hari price a little, but I think you can use a little longer 's rice cooker. It is a really happy me is delicious "rice".

They contain a random pattern on the outside of your kettle, this is for electrical jar, and I think you're Buffalo curd the stove cook like a taste. In addition, in more than appearance see product photos, and cool than you think! This is amazing. Kitchen is tightening just there in the kitchen. Absolutely

I recommend!


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