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Latest Washlet toilet Panasonic Beauty Toilette hot water cleaning toilet seat Pearl Ivory DL-WH60-CP

Panasonic Announces "WH Series" as a new model of warm water cleaning toilet seat "Beauty Toilette" series. "DL-WH60" "DL-WH50" Equipped with warm water cleaning toilet seat the new development of small Nanoi unit.

The suppressing bacteria of the toilet seat and toilet inner surface by releasing "Nanoi" to toilet lid and bowl inner space, in addition to the adhesion bacteria toilet-bowl inner surface is 99% eradication at 120 minutes, the toilet wall adhesion odor mitigation also I was enabled.

[And] Nanoi "Nanoi" is fine ions generated from moisture in the air. Compared to general ions in about 6 times durable, and will reach a wide range. In addition, the amount of water about 1000 times the negative ion (volume ratio) or more.  There is a force to suppress mold bacteria and odor, a small discomfort Cause invisible such as allele goods In the same weakly acidic with your skin, people friendly ion.



Product Description ◆ release "Nanoi" in bacteria suppression "Nanoi" eradication function flights lid, toilet internal space of the surface of the toilet seat, toilet, toilet seat, toilet in suppressing the bacteria surface * 3 (in manual operation). Further reduce the wall of smell is also available * 4.

  • Eradication: 120 minutes effect after by the test in the test space of about 17L. Adhesion odor mitigation: 0.5 square meters equivalent 60 minutes effect after by the test in the test space of. Neither the empirical results in actual use space. "Nanoi" is toilet seat, intended to remove adhering bacteria in the toilet bowl, dirt and mold, does not remove the smell.

This is the effect of reducing adhesion odor, such as a wall in the toilet.

◆ Ag + power antibacterial toilet seat safety, a new development antibacterial paint kneaded the high silver ion antimicrobial effect. To cover the toilet seat surface, reducing * 1 bacteria. While part of the toilet seat seating surface using antibacterial resin

◆ continuously to nozzle eradication cleaning stainless nozzle flow of hot water, disinfectant * 2 cleaning. Dirt I will kept clean at any time the nozzle anxious is. Contact Kamase nozzle cleaning, three after-rising before use and use, and automatic cleaning. In the vicinity of the second nozzle hole I decontamination wash.

◆ W EcoNavi equipped with instantaneous type

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