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Miso soup recipe wakame seaweed and tofu



Shall be prepared


Material of miso soup Broth (4 servings)

4.5 cup water

A piece of kelp 10cm angle

1 cup dried bonito

Material of miso soup (2 servings)

Miso 32g

Tofu 1/4 chome

Dried seaweed 2g

Leek little



Delicious miso soup is determined by the broth!

[The broth of the best basic miso soup]

Bonito broth natural, blend of natural kelp broth


1 Was placed in a pan and kelp 10cm angle to 4.5 cups of water, and subjected to fire without the lid.



2 Remove the kelp over about 20 minutes over low heat, and when it becomes boiling before.


Point! It is not boiled never flavor since fall


3 In boiling water and remove the kelp, and then heated over medium heat and put the 1 cup dried bonito.



4 Take to quiet the scum of the liquid surface, after re-boiling, and then allowed to stand off the heat.

(About 2 minutes) dried bonito When you're sunk, with a cloth strainer and strained the broth.



Point! Do not stir it could cause bitterness, soup stock shell is not strongly narrowed

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【Delicious miso soup is determined by the timing of solving miso】

How to make miso soup

Miso soup and green onion tofu simple, seaweed


1 The diced tofu, green onion have to Koguchikiri, back in the water dried seaweed, leave drained.



2 Was subjected to fire and put the broth in a pot, put tofu, seaweed, to boil.



3 Once boiled,, add green onion just before you put beaten little by little miso, boil, turn off the heat.


Point! Turn off the heat if you made ​​just before boiling to put miso as "Futsu~tsu"


4 The Kyosu in Yoso~tsu to bowl flowers boiled.







※It describes the representation of Japan's own


Flower boiled


Moment to know, such as cooked food and soup begins to boil. However it is in a state of good flavor and fragrance, soup and miso soup to stop the fire at this time.










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