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Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans  Episode 1 "iron and the blood" impressions! "Softening Lagann ish ne"

Mobile Suit Gundam Blood and iron of Orufenzu, I saw one story.

In earthy as a first impression, and the manly guy often

I adults of Kuzu~tsu supplicant to walk all over the heroes children were attached to the eye

Maybe, all in about three episodes, but I think that it is your exit.

Olga and the crescent moon hella cool.

It's not quite be like a big brother Olga.

Kamina and Simon like a can Atsukurushiku not but of Lagann

I wonder still a good combination.

Orthodox feel as a developing story, Mars is the stage of the story in the colony of Earth

In the Mars have growing momentum aimed at independence from the earth I will boost it

Cause daughter Kuderia behavioral of Mars representative, to sell to the Earth military organization Gyararuhorun and it often seems not politicians of Mars tries to assassinate daughter

Such storyline.

Meanwhile, the boys of CGS participation program that embedded the old-style machine interface to the body to fight back.

And I'm shirtless and because do not to be stabbed in the plug when riding a Mobile worker

Some guys all upper body naked of you are riding on Mobile workers meaning sur

Or properly for wearing clothes as the story progresses?

At the same mobile suit is also the place to be very care whether you in the Ano plug

And, idle & piece of junk the first time of Kuderia

"It's not that my own, translation I do not know" in response to the bombing that such like attitude'm still Oko Chama

Her can not be overlooked growth.

Mobile suit is really cool and I'm totally unrefined feel

You Do you want to be seen while looking forward to the other Gundam appeared.

Na Olga die like a Lagann of Kamina (^ _ ^😉





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