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Summer Godzilla remake www2014 years, released in Japan

Although there was published in 1998 "GODZILLA / Godzilla" is (Roland Emmerich) and say Hollywood version of Godzilla Popularity did not come out too much and impossible to Japanese basis there.  Well, I'm not help design the same as dinosaurs You can expect to be close to the Japan version of GODZILLA design of this time.


I wonder if the story of Godzilla from entering the New York the same as the Hollywood version of the last this time?

Hollywood version is successful

Such as Godzilla VS Mechagodzilla

Godzilla VS Mothra

Godzilla VS King Kong

Such as too may be remake.


By the way, in the configuration I organisms of unknown born result of H-bomb test I originally Godzilla

I was vomiting from the mouth radioactivity Japan 's version, but I wonder if vomit in Hollywood version.

Interest is not attached in various ways.

It's like that, but Godzilla '60 seems to stand from the first Godzilla whopping 2014

Long-term series unexpectedly.

DVD & Blu-ray will be launched in the 60th anniversary of Godzilla


I'm also a Godzilla series all 29 works.  By the way, Do you know the origin of the name of Godzilla?

It seems to do a name that combines the whale and gorilla.


Godzilla gorilla(gorira) + whale(kuzira)


It is the image that quite easy to understand



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