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[SUWADA nail clippers] Suwa Tatsume cut / black L [NEW] [sou0512] I've used in the broadcasting Kenmin SHOW

It had been so fed up with nail clippers that I bought for 100 yen shop.

I've bought a Suwa Tatsume removed with mail order.

2014-03-27 11.26.50

I did not really know the size I did not have a look at the Kenmin SHOW Na unexpectedly small but it's a handy size if it is this Let's look at the contents


2014-03-27 11.27.28


I tried to cut the nail immediately www It's nippers.  There is no burden on the nail Compared with nail clippers of 100 yen shop Further cut nails whatsoever without resistance Amount of cut nails because it is nipper type can also be adjusted   Sound to cut the nails that snap, will affirm is small. Although hear if increasing the amount to cut the nails of course. Burden to the nail is less accordingly.   Expire by little plus point. This may be a good tool to guitarist such as baseball player.   It seems to cut clean nail clippers than usual it is difficult to be Fukazume to get used to. Www Na gems to recommend it to athletes.  Ingrown toenail or ingrown nail, nail cracks it to a big negative impact on human or doing sport Nail clippers Suwa field is recommended Seriously  It was discarded in the trash the nail clippers of 100 yen, as a matter of course


Ingrown nail Nail (Maki-zume, curved claws) a state in which the toenail is bent laterally winding.Ingrown toenail Means ingrown toenail and (penetration likely), a state in which inflamed the corner of the nail is stuck in (the meat of the nail inside) soft tissue as thorns. It is often confused with ingrown nail, but different from the ingrown toenail refers to the phenomenon in which the nail comes to wound in the lateral direction to the ingrown nail. However, the ingrown nail and the nail is complicated around the generally large. Nail cracking That it would literally broken nail Strong force is applied to the nail, crack in part of the brittle nails cause. It is more a baseball player

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